This is the start of a page with old family photos and (hopefully) geneology.

I've never been close to either side of my family, largely due to distance.  The Clancy's are based around East St. Louis, IL (where I grew up until I started high school) and the Gleason's are from Duluth, MN. 

I'm really happy to say that in the last couple years I've reconnected with family.  My cousin Suzi (from the Gleason side) called me out of the blue.  Surprise! Last time I saw her was probably 50 years ago. 

On the Clancy side, I've reconnected electronically.  It's a big family, and It seems everybody has a Facebook page.  So I'm friends with a lot of folks whom I'm still trying to figure out how they fit into the family. My cousin Jeannine has been doing some geneology, and I've learned a LOT about my ancestors.

I've recently gotten some old photos, scanned from ancient keepsakes.  I hope to greatly expand the collection.

The Clancy Page


PS, now that it's all digital, where will the pictures we take now be in 50 or 60 or 70 years?  I bet lost, unless someone takes good care to preserve them.  You can't leave a computer file in a cedar chest for 30 years then rediscover it.  Plus, a lot of stuff printed on inkjet printers will fade to invisibility in that amount of time, unless you take care to use 'archival' paper and inks.