This is near the start...

Shiprock, in New Mexico. The start of what? A trip, Albuquerque to Klamath Falls Oregon, down to Bonneville for the World of Speed event, then home.

What prompted this? Three things.

One was my purchase of a Kawasaki Concours, a real sport-touring bike. I've had a sport-tourer previously (BMW R100S) and a sorta-kinda-almost-sport-tourer (PC800 Honda), and had done lots of touring in the past (CB750, Yamaha RD350, Honda CL125...)  My current street bike was a SRX600 Yamaha, a cafe-type 600cc single which was (is) lots of fun, but is impractical for anything like traveling. I yearned to get on the road, riding loose and camping again.

Secondly was the fact that my brother-in-law retired in Klamath Falls, which was my old stomping grounds. I'd spent some time in the Forest Service there, and like to go back.

Third (and really number one) was that a friend of mine (Jon Wennerberg) that I'd not yet met had taken over a web site ( which I ended up doing the techie work on. Jon and his wife Nancy are up to their eyeballs in landspeed racing, and both have topped 200 mph. I knew Jon from another group, largely as a name in emails. We hooked up for the web work, even though my bike riding leans toward trials, where standing still and NOT moving (feet up) is a good thing. Opposites attract? I dunno. But I find the discipline, care, and guts involved in landspeed racing to be pretty cool.