Ok, I know there's no excuse. It's now May and the trip was last September! This is a showcase example of the cobbler's kids going barefoot. But I'll try and pick up the pieces.....

Why "The Sequel"?

Well, last year I took (sorta) the same trip, from my home in NM to Bonneville and back.  That trip went a bit further, to Oregon and the California coast, but this year there were good reasons to cut it shorter.


This time my son Trevor was going along, on his first street-bike tour. While he's an experienced rider in trials (2009 New Mexico State Champ) his street riding hasn't been extensive.  While that wasn't a problem at all, the bike he'd be riding was.  A Yamaha SRX6, a fairly rare bike imported to the US for only 1 year (1986).  It's a teeny 600cc single with a cafe-racer riding position and lotsa shakes.  It's a great bike, but not a bike meant for covering lots of road in comfort. 

He built a little luggage rack for it (his first welding project), and we had some small saddlebags and a tank bag, but my Concours would be the pack mule for the trip.

 Here's the motley crew leaving home.

The plan was to head northwest towards Farmington, then into southeast Utah.  We were set to camp, and did so all the way. 

First stop was in Bernalillo, NM.  Trev has wanted to do a chili-cheese-fries analysis for a long time, so we stopped at a cool mom-and-pop place called La Hacienda.  Here he is taking notes. I was busy eating.


I wish I could report that the fries were great. We did independent analyses and came up with the same mediocre verdict.

However, the carne adovada burrito WAS great!

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