Next morning we headed down the valley ("Indian Canyon") through the Ashley National Forest and the Uintah and Ouray Indian reservation to Duchesne.  Had a great breakfast in a main-street cafe.  While we were eating, I saw a lady in a four-wheeler with a tank on the back going down the street and watering baskets of petunias hanging from the lightpoles.  They were really gorgeous!  I'm glad that some towns still are willing to spend a few dollars to create pleasant things like that, showing that they care.  It makes ALL the difference.

Onward through Roosevelt and Vernal.... not especially dramatic country, but I knew something about the mountains to the north of that whole area of Utah -- the Uintas.  Working for the Forest Service, I spent a fall/winter up there burning logging slash, staying in "guard cabins" and working up there until the snow was too deep for a four wheel drive with chains.  Very cool mountains (haha).

Well, it seemed like there was a Petunia Competition going on in norteheast Utah.  Vernal had magnificent tubs of them lining main street, there must have been hundreds of them.  I wanted to stop and wander around, but Trev was ahead, and traffic was pretty heavy, so I didn't want to just disappear on him.  But come Naples, I couldn't stand it and I bailed, and got a picture or two.

One thing I learned on this trip is that when travelling with another rider (which I very seldom do), go ahead and stop, take the pictures, take notes, whatever.....

They'll figure it out, no big deal.

Onward to Colorado.  The entry station at Dinosaur is undoubtedly the best, most friendly visitor info place I've ever seen.  Many thanks to the nice ladies that ran it, and the state of Colorado for paying for it!