Down through far western Colorado, lots of empty country (my favorite!).  Along the road, it was getting lunchish, so we stopped to heat up some lunch.

Worked pretty well.

Grand Junction, Delta, Montrose....

We were getting on toward camping-time, so it was time to stop for nightly provisions.

We were getting up the valley towards Ouray, and there wasn't much sign of any place to spend the night.  Then we spotted a sign indicating a National Forest road.  Turning up, we went through Lake Lenore property which seemed to go on forever with it's "No Trespassing" signs.  One place was fenced off, saying something like Ice Climbing was prohibited here (it was a really cool little gorge, I bet it would make for great ice climbing in the winter).  Anyway, we persevered, and eventually got through to public land.  Not too far up we found a 'throw-down' camping place.... aaaah! 

Quite unusual was the little bench by the campfire.  Obviously made by ... somebody... and then left in place by numerous campers.  It kinda restored my faith in humanity and cooperation for the common good.

When we were breaking camp, a couple ladies went by on horses, each leading a pack horse.  When we left, came upon them further down the canyon.  We followed at a respectful distance until there was a big wide spot in the road.  Looked like one of the horses was spooky of vehicles or motorcycles.  We waited until they got dismounted, and had all the horses in hand, and gave us a nod.  We crept by as quietly as possible, and (I hope) raised their image of motorcyclists a notch.


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