Trev's an avid backcountry snowboarder, and these mountains seem to be THE place to go.  His favorite place is Silverton, a one-lift-up-and-then-you're-on-your-own situation. 

Not that it's unregulated.  You have to know what you're doing, as hauling dead bodies off the mountain is very bad for everybody.  There's equipment... a locator beacon, shovel, probe, and you have to have taken an Avalanche School.

I got a good (well, a minimal) avalanche school from Trev on the way over to Silverton.

See the bald spots up at the top of the mountain?  And how they funnel down those bare slots coming down the hill?

Well, the snow up above builds up, and under the right conditions, slabs or big chunks will break off and come down, gathering snow and momentum as they go.  Those chutes are bare for a good reason... trees don't stand a chance.

Dangerous?  Yes, but the danger can be acceptable, if you know what you are doing (training) and are cautious and keep a good head on your shoulders.  The same as with motorcycling, flying, rock climbing.......

Know the dangers and minimize them.

So it's over the hill to the Avalanche Cafe in Silverton.  Remember my griping about the place in Utah?  Well, this was the direct opposite. 

Got some great coffee and took it outside, lounging on the picnic table in the warm sun.  When breakfast was cooked, the nice lady brought it out, and we had a leisurely feast.

After about an hour, we were ready to head out and look for the Venture snowboard factory.  Well, sorta ready, as Trev was down the street checking something or other out.  So I went in, told the lady what we had, and paid, leaving a generous tip.

Just rode off?  Sure coulda.  In fact, later in the day, Trev asked me with big eyes... "Did you pay??!!".

Cool place.



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