On to Venture Snowboards!

This was an unexpected highlight of the trip for me.

Trev loves their boards, and thinks they're a cool outfit, based out of the tiny town of Silverton, no less.  He's right.

We headed up the valley to their new 'factory'.  Being a Sunday, it wasn't likely there'd be anybody there.  But the door was unlocked.  Up the stairs, no one in sight.  Along the hall, and yup, there was a guy in the back corner of an office-room.  Hello!  Turned out to be Clem, who runs the place with his wife Lisa. 

Rather than being treated like the intruders that we were, we were greeted like friends.   Got some freebie stickers, and Trev got a good deal on a demo board.  Afterwards, we got a royal tour of the 'factory'.  I put 'factory' in quotes because their production is small, and seasonal.  But it's very impressive.

Clem's a mechanical engineer and has put his education to good use.  I was impressed with the design work that goes into a board.  A teeny variation in the thickness translates into a different feel and response of the board, as does the curvature, width, etc. .  Being a woodworker, I was amazed at the tolerances that the wood core was shaped to. 

I guess the most impressive thing about the visit was that here was a couple who are smart and dedicated, and taking their own path, obviously doing what they love to do.  And being really nice folks as they do it.



Trev and Clem.





I give up

Ok, let's finish