So we rode northeast past San Ysidro, 20-some miles down the road. 

There's a great trials riding area near here, on BLM land.  Our club (New Mexico Trials Association) has been riding there for about 30 years.

Trials is a very specialized form of motorcycling, basically an obstacle course where you can't put your feet down.

As far as being cutthroat competitors, we flunk big time.  Guys who compete against each other will practice together.  Even during competitions, it's common to have competitors going together, checking out the sections, and discussing the best way through it. 

I don't know of any other sport that's as challenging as this, yet is as friendly when it comes to competition.

This is Trevor in '09.  The guy 'spotting' for him (catching the bike in case Trev doesn't make it) is the Dad of the young guy who's 2010 Champ.

Great club, great sport.

Politics: While trials is an unusually begnign form of off-roading, I think the best approach in balancing the wants (not necessarily 'needs') of all motorized and non-motorized recreationists is to give each a place to go. We have a great place to go, and we take care of it.



So here we are at the friendly little gas station in San Ysidro, NM.

Trevor's looking kinda cocky leaning on the overloaded, topheavy Concours. He hasn't ridden it yet. Ha!

The Connie is a great bike, and I can sing its praises for quite a while (but not here, you'll be happy to hear).  But it's famous for its top-heaviness, and for being a handful in parking lots. 

On this trip, we were camping on backroads all the way, and at times the roads were ...ummm... a bit challenging......