We made it down to Cuba, then up through the Rez toward Farmington.

Challenging roads? This was the worst of the trip.

There's a BLM campground called Angel Peak, just south of the Farmington/Bloomfield area.  I'd been past there a zillion times, but never left the main highway.  Since we were in Explorer Mode (and couldn't make it to any other known backroad camping spot before dark anyway) we decided to stay there.

Turning off the highway, we were confronted with a really amazing road.

The Navajo Nation has a bunch of irrigated farms on the mesa above the San Juan River, and they were putting in another one.  Lots of truck and heavy equipment traffic.  The road was about 50' wide, but deep in silt, and there was no clue as to how deep it was, or what the surface was like beneath it.


Puckered me up.

It was touch and go for about half a mile, but the Connie made it through just fine.

Here's a photo at the end of the nasty part.  Angel Peak is a pretty small peak above some 'badlands' bordering the San Juan River. Really neat, very quiet, a definite 'stop here' place on my list of nice places to stay.



Here's Trev doing some 'slack lining' at the camp. Great facilities, no fee, only one other camper.... couldn't ask for more.

I missed the photo of him falling on his nose.... darn.

The road back out was better.... I could see the highway in the distance, and knew how far the bad part went. 

By now (many months later), I expect all the construction and nasties are gone.

On to Bloomfield, Farmington, Shiprock, and up to southern Utah.