So here we are, in a place which captivates people. 

Some are captivated by the speed and motors and tech stuff.  This is a unique place to do their thing.

Some are captivated by the place itself, the immense distances, the optical illusions, the heat, the cold, the only difference between flat dry salt and an immense lake being a fraction of an inch of rain.

I think most racers are captivated by both.

I'm captivated by the place, for sure.  But I'm also captivated by the racing scene. 

Our sport is trials, probably the extreme opposite of landracing.  We go slow (or not at all) over gnarly stuff.  Landracers want a perfect course, flat with good traction. We ride 11 months of the year, usually 15 events, and seldom break a bike.  Landracers spend months preparing for an event, and ... well... often break stuff. (PS**)

But a common thread is the comaraderie, the competition which is kept at a healthy level.  Friendliness trumps winning. 

Though our sports are at different ends of the spectrum, they are the same in that regard.  Lend a friend a chain so he can break your record.  Discuss a particular trials line with a competitior, knowing full well he could beat you.

We're the same.

Camping is similar too.  Camp is at "The Bend in the Road", a really deluxe mud flat a mile or so from the start of the salt flats.  There are porta-potties (you really need them.... no bushes worth hiding behind) and it's ... flat, though the mud is a bit salty . (It's not been, in the two years I've been there, actually muddy).

We did our usual MSR camp stove and some home cooking, though there is a truck stop just about a mile down the road, at the freeway exit.

THAT is an intesesting place!

There's a quicky-mart and restaurant in the same building, run by the same people.

Those people are some of the hardest-working people I've ever seen.


I don't know if they're Mexican or from some other southern American country, but I'm impressed.

I went into the quicky-mart early in the morning to get something, then after a long day on the salt, I went in again, maybe 12 hours later, and the same guy was there still minding the store.

The restaurant is really cool.  The main theme is landracing (see the pictures on the wall?) but the rest of the decor is very Mexican (see the chair?).

The young guy that takes the order (whom I've also seen working at both ends of a very long day) doesn't write anything down, but (as far as I've seen) gets it all right, 4 people with eggs and toasts and various drinks and all.

Trev ordered chili rellenos, and the guy was pretty impressed that the name rolled off his tongue like that.  We got a free side of peppers.

Come checkout time, you tell the older guy up front what you had, and he adds it up in his head as you go, and it always comes out to an even amount.  "$19.00". 

Maybe not exact, but it's close enough for me.

Racing?  Oh man, I almost forgot about the racing.....

** See that trailer in the background? Made for use on the salt, with just an inch (approx.) of ground clearance. You can load a big bike on it without a ramp. When buddy Jon had it made, the welder couldn't believe how he could use such a thing.