We hit the "World of Speed", the same event I went to last year.  There are a number of events from August through October (weather willing), and Speedweek (8/13-19 in 2011) is the biggy.  September has been a great time of year, warm but not hot, clear skies.

We were hosted by my friends Jon and Nancy Wennerberg (Landracing.com, SSSLSR.com) who race motorcycles, and both have topped 200 mph. Makes my blood run cold.



Just like last year, there was lots of impressive machinery. 



Jon and Nancy brought their "production" Kawasaki Zx14/15.5 (below left).  "Production" means it looks stock, but the innards can be quite different.  They'd had a bunch of head work done and on the first pass (Nancy riding at 180+), things started to go south.  So she shut it down, and their riding was over for the event.  Such is Bonneville......

So they ended up helping Andy and Erin from California.  They'd ridden a couple BMW's from California, with intentions of riding the R1100S (right) on the salt.  So it was pretty much of a scramble to get the bike ready (mirrors off, lenses taped, safety wiring, etc.) But it got done, and Andy set a record of 196.117!  Below is Todd, of Twin Jugs Racing, putting a few final touches on it in the start line.

I'd like to know how fast this bike went.

Remember those old two-stroke Saab's that used to go humming and smoking down the street?......

...well, this isn't one of 'em.

Ain't it the pits?

You see all kinds... and there's a class for everybody.

Racers with a sense of humor.

A nice BMW Assault Bike.

A nice 'kneeler' sidecar.

Yup, ya kneel down in there.

A streamliner getting ready to go.


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