Here are some of the sites I've done....... some are originals, some are "inherited", meaning they were created by someone else but then never updated or maintained, and I got the chance to give them new life. Many have been passed on to others long ago.

As you can see, many of these are motorcycle trials sites. My first site was the New Mexico Trials Association site, started in 2001. The second was LewisportUSA, and more sites followed........

(The image is the link)


A site for Elizabeth Prosapio, also known as 'Raven'. She does Soul Portraits and also visionary paintings on drums.

THE land-speed racing website.

A motorcycle friend of mine purchased the site and I do the techie end of it.

It uses Simple Machine Forums (34 boards), Joomla, and Coppermine Gallery.

A very interesting and friendly site.

Midwest Mototrials

Importer of Mecatecno electric motorcycles and Eastern Distributor for Vertigo bikes.

Originally HTML, converted to WordPress
for ease of updating by the site owner.


The motorcycling Special Interest Group of US Mensa. Has password-protected members' area and a forum.

North American Trials Club Directory

One of my previous sites was turned over to someone else and redone. This club directory was dropped, so I revived it under its own domain.  Click on the map and it'll take you to listings for that part of the country.

A volunteer site, with the goal of protecting our scarce water resources from 'developers' and out-of-state water speculators.

The San Pedro Neighborhood Association

Where I live. That's South Mountain in the picture.

My woodturnings

Just one page, included here for interest and the photos.

Love that pinon!

Seldom Seen Slim Landspeed Racing

The personal site of my landspeed-racing friend mentioned above.

New Mexico Trialsport

A trials demo/training team. The team's been dissolved, but the photo page has been preserved here.

International Trials School

A trials school run by Bill Markham, who puts on fun youth trials at all the NATC Nationals plus the Western Youth Nationals.

An inherited site, modified and updated as a contribution to a good cause.

It's been passed on to another volunteer.

Turquoise Trail Preservation Trust

An organization devoted to preserving the Turquoise Trail Scenic Byway in New Mexico.

I no longer belong to the organization, and the site has been turned over to another volunteer webmaster.

The NMTA is our local trials club.

A great sport!

This is a straightforward site that has gone through a couple makeovers over the years.

In June of 2008, I turned it over to another club member, then it got passed on again, so if you'd go there now, it wouldn't be my work.

Site for the US Trial des Nations Team.

The Team is made up of the best riders in the country, and travels to Europe every fall to represent the US.

Site now done by the American
Motorcyclist Association

North American Trials Council

This is the national organization for observed trials. Another inherited site, it has now been
passed on.... try