My name is Bob Clancy, and South Mountain Web Design is my endeavor. I live on the north side of South Mountain, Santa Fe County, New Mexico.

I came to web/computer work through the back door; graduating from the University of New Mexico in 1989 with a Mechanical Engineering degree at the tender age of 39.  My first 'professional' job was as a contractor at Sandia National Labs in Albuquerque, and I found that I needed to know much more about computers than I did about things mechanical. I eventually ended up doing system administration (VMS, UNIX, Windows), programming, and dealing with computer security. Then I more or less ended my system administration days, and embarked on a multi-year data archival project, wading through 40,000 data files, determining what to keep and what to trash. After that, I got a job doing web design, database applications, and graphics, for a grand total of 29 years.

In 2001, I started the web site for the New Mexico Trials Association. Word spread, especially in the motorcycle trials community, and I've independently created and maintained a number of sites (see the portfolio).

Now, in "retirement", I still do a number of non-profit sites for organizations and friends.

Before getting into computer-things, I had experience in the areas of arts and crafts (especially woodwork), environmental matters, motorcycling, and aviation. Jobs have included military policeman, US Forest Service firefighter (including crew boss of a 19-person 'Hotshot' crew), flight instructor, mechanic, and woodturner (teaching and showing in galleries).