All done with for-profit work.... but I'll leave most of this page here for a while......

Web pages need not be complicated or expensive.

There are many companies specializing in web hosting, and they can host a site for about $20/month.

If you'd like a descriptive address for your site, such as "" or "" you'll need to register a DOMAIN NAME. This gives you exclusive ownership of that name. The cost for this is about $10-20 per year.

I can work with you to set up a site with your own Internet Service Provider (ISP), or take care of all those details for you.

If you want personal control, we can set up a site which you can update yourself. However, if you want to do that, you will still have to do some learning! Be warned!

For local 'clients', photography is available, including photography of arts and crafts, for show entries or web display.   Here is a sample page of photos of (my) woodturnings.

I think web pages should be simple, informative, and easy to view. Ever had to endure flashing ads that make your eyes hurt ? Things scrolling by, grabbing you by your eyeballs? Me too, and I don't go back to those pages. Enough said. Call me old fashioned!